I’m From Durango!


The Alliance created I’m from Durango to reach out to local business owners, to relocating entrepreneurs, and to the local community. Through I’m from Durango, we aim to:

  • Raise awareness of La Plata County as a vibrant, business-friendly community
  • Showcase our community, its businesses and the Alliance
  • Appeal to entrepreneurs and business owners with a pioneering and adventurous spirit
  • Establish Durango as the ideal town for leaders who want a lifestyle change and more control over their work/life balance
  • Cross-promote locally made goods and services
  • Foster a sense of community pride among residents and local businesses
  • Reinforce the Alliance as the first stop for interconnected resources and support focused on business success


Using Our Logo on Your Products or Services

The Branding Logo can be used on any product packaging, websites or printed material for products and services from La Plata County. Below are a few examples of how companies use the I’m from Durango logo. Contact us at 970-259-1700 for more information.

Logo Variations For Print And Web Use

Please call the La Plata County Economic Development Alliance at 970-259-1700 so we can help determine what file type and color space you need for your application. To ensure that you get the correct logo we will email it to you. Please do not use the low resolution images on this page.
The Logos can be provided to you in EPS, TIFF, JPEG, as well as black and white depending on your need. By using the Branding Logo on your products and services, the ownership and management of such logo is the property of the La Plata County Economic Development Alliance. Use of this media is free of charge and can be used with permission of the La Plata County Economic Development Alliance. Please contact us and we will supply you with the proper logo for your use at info@yeslpc.com or 970-259-1700.